Rules for posting on this wiki

Please find below the basic rules and guidelines for this wiki.

Ownership of information

Information here is shared under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. This means others can remix, adapt, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. More information about this can be found at

General Rules

Please do not engage in the following;

  • Objectionable material is not allowed including but not limited to;
  • Pornographic of suggestive material
  • Depiction of serious harm
  • Derogatory or degrading language
  • Offtopic information
  • Information not helpful or related to the FE3 engine or swaps
  • Malicious use of privileges
  • Delete information - An admin will decide if it needs deleting
  • Edit information in a way that damages it
  • Use this as a platform to argue and cause drama - Take it to a private place and dont involve this community

You get the general idea, Don't ruin others hard work and post bad stuff. I don't feel I should have to expand on this much more, if I do need to because of your actions then it is probably wrong to do so eh?

Please do;

  • Post good, clear and helpful information
  • Include as many pictures and sources as you can be bothered to do
  • Help improve other pages by expanding on, clarifying or uploading pictures
  • Be nice to others

Treat this space and others the way you would expect to be treated. If you expect to be treated poorly, maybe this isnt the place for you.

Thank You

Thank for for taking the time to read this, If you have any issues please contact an admin and we will do our best to help.

We hope you enjoy reading and submitting information here for others to enjoy.

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