Intake Adapters - General Information

Below is installation and ordering information about Intake Adapters from Lynx Fabrication - New Zealand

General Information

Lynx Fabrication is a business started by Aedan Tyler in New Zealand late 2020 when he also started the FE3.Wiki, Lynx Fabrication LTD was incorporated on 21/9/2020.

Originally the plates were only going to be made for personal use, but it was demand for adapter plates to allow them to use Nissan SR20 Intake Manifolds. The goal changed and so was the process so they could be produced and replicated with high accuracy. The first generation plates took over 40 hours of research and development to come to a design that was ready to prototype, Both prototypes were sold to people in the United States of America within a week of being produced. After a further 20 hours adjustments the second generation of plate was ready to produce, after another revision they no longer had any irregularities and are ready for sale.

Intake Adapters - SR20

Adapters to fit SR20DE, SR20DET, SR20VE & SR20VET intakes to the FE3 head.

Generation 1 Adapter

There was only ever two of these ever created in 10mm Alloy, They were replaced by Generation 2 plates September 1st 2020. Generation 1 can be identified by the stampings on the plate and its squarer plate design. There was only two serial numbers used.

Generation 2 Adapter

This is the current generation of plate and it was released on September 1st 2020. They come in 10mm or 12mm options and are identified by stampings on the perimeter of the plate and the large “FE3 SR20” writing cut into the plate. Their serial numbers depend on the type and thickness.

Adapter Plate Hardware - SR20

Below is information on the hardware available with the SR20 Adapter plates.

Basic Hardware

These kits come with only very basic hardware, only containing the 3 required low profile cap screws.

Full Hardware

These kits come with everything you need to fit the adapter plate and the SR20 intake, containing 15 studs, 15 torque nuts and 3 low profile cap screws.
Pre-September 2020

Post-September 2020

Full Flush Hardware

These kits come with everything you need to fit the flush mounted adapter plate and the SR20 intake, Containing 10 studs, 10 torque nuts and 8 low profile cap screws.

Cam Adjusters

These will allow you to modify your stock cam pulleys to allow +/- 6 degrees of adjustment. Perfect to move around your peak power to suit your build.

Coming soon! Watch this space.

Ordering a product from Lynx Fabrication

The order page for Lynx Fabrication is located here. You may also contact us via our facebook page located here.

Anything custom you will need to send us a PM via facebook.

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