Mazda B2200/B2000 Electrical Problems

All of the B2200/B2000's in the U.S. where made between 86-93 which makes them about 15-20 years old. Any vehicle this old is going to have some problems especially with wiring. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the most common failures found in these models.

Heater / Blower Motor

Typically if the blower only works on some of the settings the resistor pack mounted on top of the blower motor housing is going bad. This can be the switch in the dash but not likely.
If the blower works sometimes and not others, seems to turn off at random or may work after hitting the dash, usually that is a bad connection goint to the blower switch.
A slow blower can be a bad connection in the wiring or just the blower needing maintenance or replacement.
The voltage going to the blower motor is only 12 volts with the setting all the way on high. The switch uses the resistors to lower the voltage going to the motor which slows it down for lower settings.

Ignition Switch

Lets face it most of the parts in our trucks are 15-20+ years old by now and the weakest ones will be showing it. One of these is the ignition switch. The common problem with the ignition switch is that it will no longer make good contact in the Run position. Usually the switch still functions great in the Accessory or the Start position but when you return the key from trying to start the truck it just won't stay running. There are two ways to fix this problem, the first is to just buy a new ignition switch. This is simple but difficult because the connectors are tucked up inside the dash and are difficult to pull appart without removing the steering column to get better access. Another problem with the ignition switch is that sometimes the one you purchase or find will have slightly different connectors from the ones originally on you're truck. Because of this make sure when you order the ignition switch you are getting one that is for the exact year of you're truck. Get a good look at the connectors so that you can identify the right ones when you buy the new switch and make sure to keep you're receipt.
The second way is to wire a bypass switch in parallel with the Run circuit on the ignition switch. To do this you will need a strong soldering iron that is atleast 35 to 50 watts, some 10 or 12 gauge wire, a high amp switch (minimum rating 10A @ 250 V) and some crimp terminals which match the switch.

O2 Sensor: If the O2 sensor has never been replaced it will respond sluggish to fuel mixture changes if it responds at all. When this happens the computer will go into limp home mode and start running rich, the same happens if you do not install it on a new header. If the O2 sensor checks ok or has been replaced check to see that it is plugged into it's green connector and that the terminals are not corroded. Good voltage readings are between .3 and .7 volts after the engine is warmed up.

Sources and Credit - Website is no longer up

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