How to submit to this wiki

This category is for drafts of submitted information to this wiki. Users who are new here or have not submitted before do so here. Once your happy with your draft, you can ask it be committed to a permanent part of the wiki. If accepted you may also be given permission to submit without drafting first, skipping this section entirely.

Creating a page

To create a page on this wiki it must be submitted to the Draft namespace. Namespaces are the categories you see on the left sidebar, “*Draft*/Your_page_name” would put “/Your page name” under the category of “Draft”.

You can also put sub categories by placing another namespace after the first, Draft/Subcategory/Your_page_name/“. An example of this is “Swaps/B_Series/basic_information”

You can change the title of your page by changing the first heading. Example if you go to you will notice in the URL bar its title is different to its URL. This is because its using the first heading to name the page.

But don't worry about this stuff too much, Admins will edit the page when its moved to its permanent location. Just get the information written down, Link the photos and we will do the rest. Once you get your head around it and you have submitted your first pages, You will be able to post and edit anywhere once the admins approve you.

Syntax & Manual for Dokuwiki

If you need more help, please read the official documentation for this wiki as it will help you understand all its functions better.

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