Adding the Crank Angle Sensor to the Mazda Transmission

On the bellhousing, measure in 44mm from the mating flange.

From the center of the bolt hole, measure up 36mm to intersect the first line.

Or you can mark 36mm from the center of the bolt hole on the face and transfer it onto the bellhousing with a combo square:

Drill a 0.700“ hole for the VR sensor. That's a 45/64” drill. Or a 11/16“ and massage it a bit with a Dremel sanding drum. I found out that if you just drill an 11/16” hole, it is just tight enough where you can get a press fit with the VR sensor into the bellhousing hole. So you don't need to weld on a bushing, you just press fit the crank sensor into the hole and epoxy seal it in place. Make SURE you leave a small air gap between the flywheel and sensor!!!

With the engine and trans bolted up again you can use a depth gauge and measure the depth between the outside surface of your transmission to the top of a tooth on the flywheel trigger wheel. You want an air gap of about .010“ to .032”. So subtract that from your measurement. I got a bushing that allowed the crank angle sensor to fit snugly into and shaved it down to get the proper depth so the sensor fit inside the transmission but with a .010“ air gap to the flywheel teeth.

Shown here is the “trial fit” with JB weld. You can either do this with a bushing or leave the hole 11/16” and press fit the sensor into the hole instead of using a bushing to hold it.

Original post from Silent Dawn fe3 B series swap writeup on the forum

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