Making Kia IAC work with SR20 S14 Intake

This is only useful for those who have fitted a SR20 S14 stock intake to their FE3, Either with one of Lynx Fabrication's Adapter plates or by another method. The goal is to retain the function of the stock Idle Air Controller.

Your IAC should allow air to bypass the throttle body but not your MAF. Its job is to regular the amount of air bypassing and maintain idle.

Adapter Plate for newer IAC

This is for the newer IAC's, They can be easily identified because they bolt to the intake and have “O” and “D” shaped ports.

To make the adapter plate you will need both of the gaskets from the SR20 S14 IAC and your Kia Sportage IAC. Take the SR20's Gasket and trace its bolt holes and both openings onto some 5mm or thicker alloy plate. It can be helpful to color in the plate with a permanent marker or engineers blue and scribe so it's easy to see.

Next you will need to align your Kia's IAC Gasket so that both the bolt holes are placed horizontally on either side of the openings you traced out, Try to align the “O” and “D” ports so they get the most coverage of the openings from the SR20. Make sure the “D” is on the smaller of the two sides as this is the incoming air port that bypasses the throttle body, Closest to the rear of the intake.

Now that you know where it intersects, Drill out the 3 bolt holes for the SR20 part of the plate with a 6.5mm drill bit. Drill out the 2 bolt holes for the Kia part with a 5mm drill bit and tap them with a M6x1 Tap. Lastly drill out and file where the Kia IAC overlaps the SR20 IAC. Make sure you don't take too much else your Kia IAC wont seal to the plate your making.

Fit the plate with some sealant, the stock sr20 gasket or both. Then fit the IAC to the plate with the gasket and bolt it down, be sure the bolts are not too long as they will push your adapter off the SR20 intake. Best make these a tiny bit shorter than needed before you fit the plate so you can check they will not protrude too far.

Adapter Plate for older IAC

This is for the external IAC that has two large hoses on it, Mostly found on the earlier years.

To make the adapter plate for this IAC you will first need to blank the bottom air inlet port under the top half of the intake, This is the hardline that bolts on with 2 bolts and goes near the throttle body. As the air will no longer be needed to enter via this port its redundant. Take it off and trace its outline and bolt holes onto 5mm alloy plate, Drill it out and bolt it on with some sealant.

Once that is done use your old gasket from the SR20 S14 IAC and trace its bolt holes, left(larger) opening and outline onto some 5mm or thicker alloy plate. It can be helpful to color in the plate with a permanent marker or engineers blue and scribe so it's easy to see.

Now you will need to select a hose barb fitting the same size as your IAC and drill and tap your plate to suit, Make sure you use nylon tape and that your fitting is snug in the plate. File off any of the fitting that protrudes to the inside of the plate so it does not hold it proud when fitted. Fit it with some sealant, the stock SR20 gasket or both. Plumb up accordingly.

Sources and Credit

Written and Photographed by @Lynxdragon

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