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Here we aim to provide a free source of information about the Mazda and Kia FE-DOHC engines, Commonly called FE3 because of their head castings. Here we aim to provide helpful community made documentation about the engine and swapping into different vehicles.
For the general info on the FE-DOHC engine please see its page on Wikipedia.

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Douglas Koonce, 15/09/2020 19:08, 15/09/2020 19:08

I just bought a 86 Mazda B 2000 that has the Kia swap and was wondering how do I wired up to get it running any information is helpful I can be reached at 931-220-4594 my name is Douglas and thanks

Aedan Tyler, 18/09/2020 06:08, 18/09/2020 06:11

Hello Douglas,

I would start by checking out the diagrams at Sportage Wiring Diagrams. If your not familiar with a multimeter with an ohms feature like explained here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wslo0QSrs58. Start by looking for the wires that the fuses would power on your loom by using the continuity feature of the multimeter and probing where the diagram shows power should be going to, example would be pin 26 on the ecu plug of a 88 pin ecu. once you find it label it and keep doing so till you have identified all your wires.

I would be careful posting your phone number publicly, It may become the target of phone scams etc as anyone or anything can read these comments. Good luck!

Aedan T, 10/09/2020 06:20

Hello readers of the FE3.Wiki, Thank you for finding your way here. Please comment here if you need help, would like to request a page in drafts be reviewed or even have some new information we may find useful.

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